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TECHNIMA is a group with several entities in Europe:

• SOPPEC : manufacturing and commercialisation of aerosol marking paints.
• TECHNIMA Central : production and commercialisation of aerosol marking paints in Central Europe.
TECHNIMA Nordic: commercialisation of aerosol marking paints and technical products in Scandinavian countries.
TECHNIMA BENELUX : commercialisation of aerosol marking paints and technical products in the BENELUX zone.
OLÉRON STP : manufacturing of paints in Charente Maritime.

SOPPEC is the most important entity in the TECHNIMA group and accounts for most of its employees. To ensure the unity of the direction of those four economic entities, the following divisions are brought together in TECHNIMA Holding: General Management, Sales Management, Control Management and IT Department. 160 Collaborators, 3 plants, 6 Logistics Platforms... TECHNIMA has become over the years a leading player in the aerosol paints market.

Thibault de Maillard

Thibault de Maillard


Mercalin aerosol marking paints manufacturer logo
In the year 2009, the TECHNIMA group acquired MERCALIN: the Scandinavian leader brand in the aerosol marking paint market. The MERCALIN AB company has been created to distribute, with its central warehouse in Gothenburg, spray marking paints all over the Scandinavian countries.

The first TECHNIMA subsidiary was then born.

technima nordic office

MERCALIN AB reinvented all these aerosol marking paints but also introduced the first safety spray paint cap ever manufactured in Sweden in 2010.

It's in 2012 that the TECHNIMA group decided to buy the business activity of SOPPEC brand exclusive importer in Sweden and to entrust the management to MERCALIN AB.

In this development logic, but also with the goal of getting closer to their clients, the TECHNIMA group decided to unify its sales force and distribution.

All trademarks, products and Scandinavian customers of the group are now managed by a local team dedicated solely to the specific needs of the aerosol marking market.

A logistics platform is born with a capacity of several hundred pallets, allowing a maximum delivery in 72 hours in all countries.

Logo technima nordic soppec mercalin scandinavia

In 2015, AB MERCALIN becomes TECHNIMA NORDIC AB and continues to develop.

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