Technima developed safety caps for a safer and easier use

Published : 05/14/2020 15:09:25
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The company is in constant innovation in the aim to respect human needs, to protect the environment and to commit to clean and safe working conditions. Therefore, Technima developed patented safety caps within its 2 major brands, MERCALIN and SOPPEC. 



SOPPEC was the first aerosol marking paint manufacturer to develop and market the patented TP CAP: a safety cap for its products, based in recyclable plastic which can be used upside down and which is more resistant and safer for professionals, especially from the civil engineering and survey business. Our construction range products such as Fluo TP, ProMarker, S-MarkHydro TP and Tempo are fitted with the TP CAP.


TP cap closed




To ensure that the company is keeping up the momentum, the brand also improved in 2019 its ergonomic SYLVA CAP which can be used multi-directionally with a fingerprint pattern and a stop to simplify handling. The stop provides a more comfortable use and a greater user experience.  

The Sylva Cap is fitted on the Ideal Spray, dedicated to the construction industry. For more details, read our article about the Sylva Cap.


Sylva cap



All the range of « SOPPEC Construction » products will be proposed with a safety cap: TP Cap or Sylva Cap. 



For its part, the brand MERCALIN has equipped all its marking spray paint with a security cap and a 360° nozzle. This security cap has been revised in a more modern, stronger and glossy design, which allows professionals to open it using only one hand and prevent accidental release.


Mercalin cap


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