RAL Touch up paints

SOPPEC COLORS range of RAL industrial spray paints are formulated with quality resins and pigments to obtain a fast drying paint film with excellent adhesion to most metal surfaces. Our acrylic industrial spray paints are used in various sectors of activities : maintenance and touching up of industrial equipment, piping, touching up of agricultural or public works equipment, repair of fences, etc. Our RAL colors are available in matte or gloss versions, and are all standardized.


Our industrial spray paints meet the different standards :

  • RAL colors for the identification of pipes (AFNOR NF X08-100 standard)
  • RAL colors for safety colors
  • RAL colors main colors for agricultural or public works equipment

In addition, on request and under certain conditions, the development of specific colored spray paints is possible thanks to the colorimetric equipment for tinting in one of the Technima Group's production units.


List of the main RAL references used for our industrial spray paints :

RAL colors for signallingRAL colors for safetyRAL colors for pipe identification (NF X08-100 standard)

RAL 1023

laque de retouche 1023

RAL 1003

laque de retouche 1003

RAL 1004

laque de retouche 1004

RAL 2009

laque de retouche 2009

RAL 2010

laque de retouche 2010

RAL 3000

laque de retouche 3000 réseau incendies

RAL 3020

laque de retouche 3020

RAL 3001

laque de retouche 3001

RAL 5012

laque de retouche 5012

RAL 6024

laque de retouche 6024

RAL 5005

laque de retouche 5005

RAL 9001 or 9002

laque de retouche 9001 ou 9002 liquides inflammables

RAL 5017

laque de retouche 5017

RAL 6032

laque de retouche 6032

RAL 4001

laque de retouche 4001 acides et bases

RAL 9005

laque de retouche 9005

RAL 6010

laque de retouche 6010

RAL 9016

laque de retouche 9016

RAL 9005

laque de retouche 9005 autres liquides

RAL 9006

laque de retouche 9006 valeur d'eau


RAL industrial spray paints but not only!

The SOPPEC COLORS range also offers a set of industrial coatings (primers, rust converters, galvanized paints, high temperature paints) and special paints (anti-stain paints and cement effect paints).

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