In the manufacturing industry, but also in the maintenance of agricultural and construction equipment, the maintenance of parts, gears, machines and tools requires the use of technical, practical and efficient sprays to clean, protect and lubricate. The technical spray of the SOPPEC PRO TECH range are an efficient and fast solution for the application of greases, cleaners and lubricants. Technima offers a wide range of technical sprays, grouped according to their functions: PROTECTION, CLEANING, LUBRICATION. In addition, there is a range of special multipurpose products. Most of them can be used in all directions and are therefore suitable for the maintenance of horizontal or vertical surfaces or parts. SOPPEC PRO TECH technical products are available in several packaging sizes (expressed in net volume). 


In particular, you will find in the SOPPEC PRO TECH range of technical sprays :


General recommendations for the use of our technical sprays

Most of the technical sprays should be used on clean and dry surfaces and at room temperature (5°C to 30°C) for optimal performance. It is important to store them in a frost-free environment. The average storage time of the products in the above conditions is about 1 year. Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C. Keep away from sources of ignition, heat and sunlight. As for any other handling and storage operation, it is particularly recommended NOT TO SMOKE.


Health and Safety

Safety data sheets are available on the internet

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