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Mercalin line marker applicator

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Marking trolley for line marking (Mercalin Striper and Mercalin Striper Pro) on parking lots, playgrounds, schoolyards and indoors in warehouses etc.

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You know how drawing a straight line without a ruler is near impossible? Well, it’s the same thing for painting a straight line without a line marker applicator.

The MERCALIN marking trolley allows you to paint straight lines across long distances with less hassle.

The MERCALIN Striper and MERCALIN Striper Pro can be used to mark straight lines on parking lots, sports fields, playgrounds and school grounds but also indoors to mark locations in warehouses or supply closets.

Ergonomically Designed

This marking trolley has been designed with its industry users in mind; it’s easy-to-use, easy to steer and rolls on wheels. This means no bending, no heavy lifting and no strain on your back.


The line marker applicator has easily adjustable line widths (1-10cm) because we understand that lines designating a parking spot need be a different width to those on a tennis court. All you need to do is adjust the distance between the can to the ground.

The machine can also accommodate different sizes of aerosol cans so it doesn’t matter if you need a 500ml and a 750ml to complete the job.

Storage Space

There is a handy rack on the front to carry extra aerosol cans while leaving your hands free to steer.


This applicator is for professional use only and may be customisable to your brand.