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Gas Leak Detector

For the verification of gas pipes under pressure, providing a rapid, effective and efficient way to detect leaks. Recommended for checking any gas pipework, compressed air installations, couplings, compressors, air pipes, tires, flanges and seals. Easy to use, non-inflammable and non-corrosive. Is removed with water and without any danger to the environment.

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Product Type Technical products
Volume 500 ml
Packaging 12 per box


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Specifications of the Gas leak detector spray


  • Packaging: 500 ml (size 400 ml)
  • Composition: blend of corrosion inhibitors and surface active agents
  • Appearance: clear slightly foamy liquid
  • Propellant: nitrogen
  • VOC-EU g/l: 152 g/l
  • Relative density (20°C g/ml): 1.017
  • Vapour pressure at 20°C: 7.5 - 8.0 bar
  • Spray flow: 4.4 g/sec


Health and safety

CLP labelling with one pictogram.


H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.
H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

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Instructions of use of the Gas leak detector spray


Apply the gas leak detector spray over the area in question to reveal any gas leaks. Bubbles will appear wherever there is a leak. Remove any residue of the gas leak detector with water.


Safety Data Sheet