FLUO TP: Fluorescent spray paint

Fluorescent marking spray [12 months]

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FLUO TP®: is the most fluorescent marking spray on the market. Its astonishing visibility and long duration makes it very popular for public works and construction fields. Applications: identification marking, general civil engineering works (roads, earth works, pipings, constructions, buried networks). This worksite marker is fitted with the very resistant SOPPEC safety cap.

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Data sheet

Activity field Public works & Construction
Application domain Marking and identification
Product type Fluorescent marking paint
Marking duration 12 months
Volume 500 ml
Packaging Box of 12 cans

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• Usable on a wide range of surfaces: concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel, sand, stone, wood.

• A particularly robust safety cap (no breakage if a full aerosol is dropped from a height of 1.50m)

• Fast drying: approximately 10 min.

• Very good autonomy and coverage: 1 aerosol is sufficient to durably mark an 80m line (2cm wide) using the Soppec handle for marking.

• High marking duration including on damp surfaces, up to 12 months (depending on the surface, the conditions of application and UV exposure).

• Usage temperature: -20°C to 50°C. 

• Fluo TP is available in a wide range of colours.

Aerosol cans with gross volume 650 ml and net volume 500 ml. One box contains 12 cans.


Fluo TP Safety data sheet