Long telescope handle
  • Long telescope handle
  • Long telescope handle
  • Long telescope handle

Long telescope handle

Reference : 441614

Long telescope handle for both Soppec and Mercalin marking spray with 360 degrees nozzle.

It allows to user to mark in hard-to-reach areas such as high walls in tunnels. 

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Long telescope handle

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Properties of the long telescope handle  


  • It fits Mercalin and Soppec spray cans in 360 degrees nozzle or head up nozzle (Mercalin Marker, Mercalin RS, Mercalin TS, Soppec Ideal spray...).
  • It is an essential tool on tunnel sites.
  • Size: retracted length is 2.4 meters. Deployed length is 4.2 meters.
  • Material: metal 
  • Gross weight: 2kg


Data sheet

Product Type
Marking accessories
Per unit
2 kg
Application domain
Mapping, tracking, picketing, Roads, earthworks, pipes, construction...

Instructions for use: 

  1. Place the 360 degrees MERCALIN or SOPPEC marking spray on the metal handle
  2. Turn on for adjustments 
  3. Tie up the red safety velcro scrap. It is mandatory. 
  4. Remove the spray after use and purge the spray if necessary.