Stencils for Social Distancing

Floor Marking Stencils

The stencils for social distancing are ideal for limiting contact and indicating the guideline to adopt in the fight against Covid-19.

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Pochoir distanciation sociale port du masque obligatoire





Work in compliance with governments’ regulations


Technima developed new floor marking stencils in the aim to fight against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This range has been created to respect the social distancing’s rules in facilities and outdoors.

Easy to use, these stencils will help you to mark your entrance, pathways and aisles. In compliance with Health & Safety at Work recommendation, you will be able to use clear and contrasting symbols adapted to the area and to the size of the pathway.

Marquage au sol avec pochoir

Manage traffic flow


As it is important to define a pathway, segregate the traffic, indicate the flow and remind the need to wear a mask, Technima developed different types of social distancing stencils. Re-usable, they allow you to set-up professional marking on any type of surfaces.

Made of durable 0,4mm polyester, they come in two-pieces for a plain color background, or as a one-piece for a sign with no background. 


Our different stencils for social distancing


Social Distancing Stencil

Social Distancing Stencil

  • Small Format: Circle Stencil (500x500 mm) + Social Distancing Stencil (Diameter: 350 mm)
  • Large Format: Circle Stencil (820x820 mm) + Social Distancing Stencil (Diameter: 750 mm)
Mask required Stencil

Mask required Stencil

  • Small Format: Circle Stencil (500x500 mm) + Wear Mask Stencil (Diameter 350 mm)
  • Large Format: Circle Stencil (820x820 mm) + Wear Mask Stencil (Diameter 750 mm)
Please wait here Stencil

Wait Here Stencil

  • Footprints stencil (730x450 mm)
Follow the way Stencil

Follow the way Stencil

  • Arrow stencil (630x240 mm)




Our MERCALIN Striper, Striper Pro and SOPPEC Tracing and Tracing Plus paints are the most professional and effective way to set-up lines and symbols on the floor.



See the MERCALIN Striper range

To ease the application of the paint and have a better final finish, SOPPEC also offers a marking paint gun handle.

 Gamme peintures de marquage TRACING




To ease the paint application and get a better result, we recommend you to use our Hand-held Applicator.

Gamme peintures de marquage TRACING



Instruction for use


For a marking paint in aerosol use

  • Unroll the stencil onto the surface to be painted
  • We recommend to use tape to secure the stencil
  • You can place weights on the stencil to prevent it from raising up with the breath
  • Spray with MERCALIN or SOPPEC line marking paints

For a brush or roll use

  • We recommend to fix the stencil with tape
  • Start painting from the edges towards the centre of the stencil

For a two-pieces stencil

  • Fix the circle stencil on the floor with tape
  • Spray the marking paint inside the circle stencil
  • Remove the stencil
  • After drying time, position the second part of the stencil on the painted circle to paint the pattern above

Storage after use

  • Remove excess paint with a cloth
  • Lay the stencil flat for at least 3 days in a dry place before storing it

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