TRACING SPORT line marking paint for grass

TRACING SPORT AND GRASS paint is a line marker specifically designed for multisport grass sports fields. TRACING® Sport is available in a 750ml (net volume) aerosol and meets the highest standards for quality marking. This grass paint is applied using a marking machine specifically designed for grass sports fields.

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Product Type Line marking spray
Type of paint Non fluorescent paint
Volume 750 ml
Packaging Box of 6 aerosols


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Properties of the TRACING SPORT line marking paint for grass


  • Crisp and precise marking thanks to its purpose-designed nozzle
  • Rapid drying (15-20 min)
  • Excellent coverage
  • Specially-designed formulation that will not damage the grass
  • Weatherproof for long-term marking
  • Temperature of use: +5° to 50°C


Line width 4 cm to 10 cm 1 x 750 ml aerosol
coat coats
Slow application 75 m 35 m
Rapid application 110 m 55 m


Specifications of the TRACING SPORT line marking spray paint



Binder: acrylic
Pigments: mineral and organic, free from lead and cadmium
Solvents: a complex blend free from chlorinated solvents and aromatic compounds (toluene, xylene, etc)
Propellant: a specific mix of isobutane and propane

Application method

Manually or using our application equipment (line marking equipmentmarking paint gun, see bellow)
Drying Time: 15 to 20 min

Health and safety

No paint mist or drips during use.
CLP labelling with a single pictogram.

picto inflammable


Recommendation for use


  • Use head down, adjust the position of the aerosol in the equipment used to give an application height that produces the desired line width.
  • BEFORE USE: Shake the can vigorously in an upside down position to thoroughly mix the paint, continue shaking even after having clearly heard the ball bearings.
  • AFTER USE: Purge head up (until gas only comes out) to clean the valve and nozzle.


General conditions for use


For a good quality line, the first coat should be applied quickly (print layer); however the second and optional third coats should be applied more slowly to obtain the desired coverage.
For maximum visibility, a 2-coat application (with a rapid first application) is recommended.
Marking applied to wet or damp grass will have a shorter life.
Whenever possible apply to dry ground.


Safety Data Sheet