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  • The TRACING SPORT line marking machine is specially designed for marking grass sports fields. This sport line marking accessory can also be used on other surfaces using products from the Tracing range. Product only available on demand.

  • Marking paint applicator

    Marking paint applicator for both Soppec and Mercalin marking spray. Metal handle for dot marking on the ground. Press to the ground or use the trigger.

  • A range of standard floor marking stencils is available: arrows, numbers, current symbol such as pedestrian crossing These stencils are made in PVC; they can be reusable after cleaning with a solvent.

  • Floor Marking Stencils

    The stencils for social distancing are ideal for limiting contact and indicating the guideline to adopt in the fight against Covid-19.

  • Mercalin TS is a marking spray used for temporary marking and has therefore a limited durability. This marking paint can be used on asphalt, concrete, grass or gravel at football-, tennis-, and golf courts. It is also recommended for sport events such as marathons or bicycle races. The Mercalin TS temporary marking spray comes in 600ml cans.

  • Mercalin RS is a versatile marking spray for use in the construction of roads, buildings, tunnels, mines and in geodesy. This worksite marker is primarily used outdoors. Its safety cap and 360° nozzle make Mercalin RS marking spray easy to use. Mercalin RS can be used on a variety of surfaces (even damp ones) such as asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel,...

  • Mercalin RS Clear Coat is a protective spray that protects your markings. It extends the duration time of Mercalin RS. It also protects against ultraviolet radiation and mechanical wear. 

  • Mercalin Striper Pro is a high quality line marking spray, especially for line marking indoors; for example in warehouses with lots of traffic of fork-lift trucks and trucks. Not recommended on new epoxy. This high quality line marking spray comes in 750 ml cans with a 180° nozzle.      

  • A purpose-designed paint to mask stains such as: grease marks, water stains, solvent residues, tar or glue marks. Dries quickly to a matt white finish. Can be applied to walls, ceilings, concrete, plaster, etc. Usable both inside and out-of-doors. Suitable as a primer before painting walls or ceilings. Can be applied before a coat of cement paint.

  • Polyurethane dispersion based paint that creates a “cement” effect finish. Particularly useful to touch-up cement coatings or renders. Can be applied to a wide range of building surfaces: wood, cement, plastic.

  • High quality universal primers, offering rapid drying and high coverage, ideal for surface preparation (metal, wood, plastic and many others) before paint-spraying. Can be used on bare steel and lightly rusted surfaces. Also suitable for plastic and wood.

  • The Soppec Colors rust converter is a “two-in-one” product, stabilising the rust and acting as a primer. Ideal for restoring rusted areas of paintwork on machinery, vehicles or other metal equipment: fencing, chassis, etc. Thanks to its deep penetration, it forms a high quality protective film, making this an effective and long-lasting treatment.

Showing 25 - 36 of 56 items