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    • Heat-resistant paints that can be used on surfaces exposed to very high temperatures such as: steam pipes, engines, exhaust pipes, radiators, etc. They can be used to coat new, bare, shot, rusted or painted steel, as long as it has been correctly prepared before applying the HT paint.

    • An Acrylic Touch Up Paint formulated with acrylic resins for fast drying with an excellent surface finish. Can be used on a variety of surfaces, particularly metals, in diverse areas of activity such as touching-up paintwork on agricultural machinery or construction plant, fencing, industrial maintenance and paint repairs, and to identify pipework (RAL...

    • Mercalin Striper Clear Coat is a protective spray that protects and reinforces your line markings. It extends marking duration time. It also protects against ultraviolet radiation and mechanical wear.

    • Mercalin Striper is a high quality, resistant line marking spray to be used for indoor and outdoor line marking. This line marking spray can be used in a number of applications such as: industries, warehouses, grass, sporting fields, parking lots and for internal traffic management within the industry. Works well on ice and snow but is not suited for new...

    • Aerosol protective varnish

      Mercalin Marker is a high quality marking spray with bright fluorescent colours meant for marking on construction areas, roads, buildings, tunnels, mines and geodesy. Its safety cap with 360° nozzle makes the Mercalin Marker spray easy to use. This worksite marker can be used on a variety of surfaces (even damp ones) such as asphalt, concrete, grass,...

    • Suitable for Mercalin Striper, Striper Pro, Soppec Tracing and Tracing Plus. For line marking on parking lots, school playgrounds, sport facilities and indoors in warehouses etc.

    • The new marking rod is SOPPEC’s answer to the most demanding requirements of ground marking professionals.

    • The new SOPPEC plastic handle is light and designed for ground marking professionals. New design, new materials - it meets the most exacting user requirements.

    • Marking paint applicator

      Marking paint applicator for both Soppec and Mercalin marking spray. Metal handle for dot marking on the ground. Press to the ground or use the trigger.

    • POWER CLEANER is a professional grade degreaser spray with high dilution capacity. It can be used for the maintenance of machine parts, brake shoes and linings, chains and gears, etc and can also be used to clean compressors and industrial installations. Leaves no residue and is neither a conductor nor corrosive.

    • DITYSPRAY System

      The DITYBOX is a box / container for the DITYSPRAY system. It is highly secure and totally hermetic once charged with air. It offers a very high resistance to shocks or high pressures and guarantees daily use (reusable up to 5000 times). Its air supply valve located under the housing can be connected to any type of air network.

    • DITYSPRAY System

      An additional device in the form of a compact, easy-to-carry case offering the option of mobile use. It consists of a compressor for autonomous compressed air access, a DITYBOX and has a capacity of up to four DITYBAGs ! Fully charged, its battery will allow you to recharge your DITYBOX fully up to 27 times.

    Showing 49 - 60 of 64 items