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  • A high quality, transparent and universal means of lubrication that protects against corrosion, wear and seizure. For the maintenance and protection of metals, nuts and bolts, hinges and battery terminals, etc. Water-resistant and pH neutral, it is resistant to salts, weak bases and acids.

  • Professional tapping and cutting oil prevents metal overheating during boring, cutting, grinding, milling, sawing, sanding and planning, etc. It protects and lubricates tools, reducing wear and increasing working speed, saving both money and time.

  • A combined cleaner and lubricant oil that not only offers high quality protection but can also dissolve rust. It guarantees a long operational life for electrical appliances and less downtime. The contact cleaner lubricant spray is non-corrosive, eliminates dirt and improves conductivity. It reduces mechanical resistance and provides long-term protection...

  • PRO-Tech Glue spray is suitable for gluing paper, film, metal, rubber, cardboard, wood, textiles and various types of plastic. For both permanent and temporary adhesion. Spray adhesive is fast, effective and economical to use.

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  • Lubricant Multispray Plus quickly removes corrosion, dirt and contaminants from oxidized metal components. Its low density allows the product to quickly penetrate and immediately loosen seized nuts, bolts, springs, locks and chains, etc. Essential for mechanical engineering shops, toolmakers, boatyards, auto repair shops and maintenance departments in the...

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  • Our Anti spatter spray prevents welding spatter from adhering to welding nozzles and burns caused by metal particles in and around the weld area. Easy to use with a silicon-free formulation. Can be used for a wide range of welding techniques. The protection provided for welding nozzles will extend the working life of the welding gun.

  • PRO-Tech Speedwax is the ideal way to obtain a rapid yet long-lasting shine and protection for any lacquered, chromium-plated or synthetic surface. Removes light oxidation and signs of wear, slight marks and bituminous residues or splashes. Can be used on synthetic materials, bumpers, wheel rims, hubcaps, etc.

  • A spray that impregnates the surface treated to provide optimum protection against humidity and prevent dirt becoming encrusted. Suitable for both porous and nonporous surfaces such as seals, natural stone and ceramic coatings. The invisible, waterproof yet air-permeable film created provides the treated surface with efficient and effective protection...

  • The Soppec PRO TECH Stripper acts rapidly and intensely for a powerful effect. Ideal to remove alkyd resin-based paint or aqueous phase epoxy and polyurethane coatings, even if bicomponent, etc. Can be applied to almost all surfaces.

  • The Rust remover shock spray is a perfect solution to release seized or rusted parts. The spray produces a thermal shock that breaks rust and unblocks jammed elements. Ideal for releasing screw fixings, gears, locks, fixing materials, etc.

  • For the verification of gas pipes under pressure, providing a rapid, effective and efficient way to detect leaks. Recommended for checking any gas pipework, compressed air installations, couplings, compressors, air pipes, tires, flanges and seals. Easy to use, non-inflammable and non-corrosive. Is removed with water and without any danger to the environment.

  • Pro Tech Air Duster is a powerful cleaner spray for removing dust and dirt, easy to use due to its high-pressure. The expansion tube makes it simple to clean "out-of-reach" areas. The product is odorless and leaves no residues or films.

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Showing 25 - 36 of 37 items